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  A trip to Batam
Hello there! This post will be a post on my Batam trip with my family and my boyfriend. However, there will be more pictures than words for this particular post. 

It was a 5 days stay at 2 different hotel!

Day One.
Caught the ferry from Singapore to Batam Centre. Upon arriving Batam Centre, our first destination, we waited for the mall to open (in the state of Batam, the timing is an hour earlier than to Singapore's). After an hour or so of walking, we settled down at A&W for their chicken and my favourite ABC soup!!

yummy "curly" fries and ABC soup!!

After having A&W, we took an arranged cab to send us to our first selected hotel for our first day of stay in Batam. Didn't take photos of the room.... It was a really nice place to stay because of the view from the room's balcony and because we got 2 rooms, we managed to get a connecting door for the two rooms. The hotel is located at the top of some hill? ? The view was fucking awesome, especially at night! Just for anyone who will be interested to know more about this hotel, this hotel is known as Crown Vista. You may Google for images and information of it and never judge what the images may pop up on your screen because it's like 10x way beautiful than what is shown on your screen!

only took one photo with such a magnificent view
at the lobby while checking into the hotel room

Most of the time we would spend the time in the hotel on our first day and time passes so quickly that.

Day Two.
Had breakfast and a swim before checking out of the hotel and head to the next selected hotel to stay for the rest of our 4 days in Batam.

The check out process took at least 15 minutes before we set off to the next hotel for the rest of our stay in Batam. In this hotel, I took quite a number of photos!

This is the newly built "BCC Hotel & Residences", it has hotel rooms and apartments with 2/3 rooms. Me and my family optioned for the 2 rooms and did not get to have any bathtub in the apartment at all *cries*, unless option for the 3 rooms apartment. Don't be carried away by the photos above too quickly. It may sees pretty here but there was major flaws in most of the rooms such as, obvious dirts on the blanket in my room and major issues at the kitchenette. 

Before I reach the hotel, they experienced a black-out of the entire block of hotel causing 3 out of the 4 lifts to break-down and the hotel keys are not at a working condition?! The staff did not mention to us anything about it when at the check-in... only after my father made a fuss out of it LOL. Nevermind about it, but I will not recommend you guys to book a room there.

This is the endvof my blog post! So, stay tuned for my next blog post!

All photos/images in this post are taken with Sony KW11 Selfie Camera. Do keep a look out for my next blog post about why this selfie camera should be added into your wish-list. You will also get to know about the camera's internal specs and a close tour of the camera design and details!!

See you again until my next blog post 💓


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