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  J&J Hair Identity Experience & Review
It has been about 1.5 weeks after making my visit to J&J Hair Identity Salon located at Katong. I am going to share what is so unique about this hair salon in Katong. First of many all, the hair dyes that they are using are Certified Organic ingredients and alongside with ECOCERT certified hair care products! 

My agenda wasn't all about just getting my hair dyed but also to learn a lot more from my hair stylist of the differences between an organic and non-organic hair dyes - I used to frequent salons in the past to dye my hair but the only one thing I dislike the most is to smell that strong ammonia smell from the dyes that's applied to my hair. 

I'm really excited and happy to share my experience over at J&J Hair Identity salon and I will breaking down into parts of the process.

It was a privilege for me to be able to choose any of the colours in the hair chart! The brand of dye that they were using on me was Natulique. Below are the colours I was putting into consideration for during that first 5-10mins at the salon. *I was spoilt with choices but continue reading and find out why I went back to dark*

In the next 5-10mins, I couldn't come with a conclusion with which colour to dye (even though I was consulted by the hair stylist) and I do not want to bleach my hair at all. My hair stylist asked me that one question that helped very much in terms of what Colour I should dye than want. He asked what would I want to achieve after I leave the salon and the outcome of the colour after a few wash.

& so..... I have decided to proceed with my choice of having a healthy looking hair colour than something fanciful. 

Of course, dyes are still dyes, it will still somehow or rather bring damage to your hair but for organic ingredients dye, it lessens the damage. During the process of getting my hair dyed, I wasn't able to really smell anything from the dye and my scalp does not itch from dye at all!

The dye applied to my hair was left wrapped in the cling wrap on my head for about close to 45 minutes before I was asked to move to the back of the salon to have my hair rinsed. The ambience of the whole salon was calm and peaceful. It was just so comforting. After all the rinse, they applied Natulique hair care product for protection purpose. 

Drying then styling and some photo-taking session too with the mega in house ring light!

Also, if you are looking for hair care products that are of organic ingredients, they do carry the brand in-store as well. Products such as shampoos, conditioners, hair oil and even hairstyling products!



The hair stylist make sure that everything went well and explained really well about the products and what to and not to. Not was I only sold by his words but it definitely made me feel like revisiting them again! Also, J&J Hair Identity Salon is on the first hair salon in Singapore to carry Natulique hair and hair care products.

Do check out my Instagram for more and do follow them if you wish to keep up with their works!

Many of my associates complimented the colour outcome. Until today my hair is still feeling as soft as I first visited the salon and the colour has turn out to be lighter than how it was at the salon which is what I am expecting! I am looking forward to how else the colour can fade into.

Do read more about there following products and more at http://www.natulique.com!

& I'm definitely looking to share more in the near future!


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